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Spoon carving with Jon Mac.
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Saturday, 28 August 2010


This week I have been carving with the new MaChris No1.
I started with a couple of spoons and found the new knife to be just what I expected.
It's waste removal capabilities are second to none.
Armed with this knowledge I decided to make one of my trademark Kuksa...


 Cutting and shaping the end grain is quite hard work and usually takes a long time.
I was impressed from the start as the knife easily dealt with this job...

I also tried a little chip carving around the handle to try out the super fine working tip, and I must say it was a dream to use.
I knife finished this Kuksa leaving it with a beautiful multi faceted finish, dipped in Italian coffee the Kuksa took on a splendid dark tan. I applied two coats of pure Tung oil and followed this up with a light coating of wax. As you can see the Kuksa now has a beautiful lustre...


The apple crop is coming along nicely too...


Coming soon...

The MaChris bushcraft knife...



  1. Great work and a great blog! Maybe a stupid question but do you also use tung oil and wax for the inner side of the Kuksa?

  2. Hi hi 'A'...I use the oil, Tung or Walnut, all over to seal the wood. The wax is used as a protection on the surfaces not in contact with liquid....All the best...J