Wednesday 2 October 2013

French ( Jerry can ) wine carriers.

 like me,
 you like your outdoor experience to be comfortable and genial,
you may be interested in an item that came to my attention over the weekend.

French wine carrier ( jerry can )

If you look carefully at the above photo, you'll notice an important small word.

French wine carrier ( jerry can )


French wine carrier ( jerry can )

As you may know.
The British go nowhere and do nothing without a brew of tea.

French wine carrier ( jerry can )

Well, the French are the same,
 but there favoured tipple is
" Un petit rouge"
A little red.

French wine carrier ( jerry can )

These wine carriers are made from aluminium and are lined so the wine doesn't taint.
They are available from 

If you want more information then why not give the chaps at Trinity Marine a call ?

01647 253400

Or drop them an email.

The price ?

Approximately £25.00

The volume ?
10 Liters.
Thats 2.2 Gallons approx
or 13.3 bottles of wine.

They are a big professional outfit who will post pretty well anywhere in the world.



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