Thursday 1 August 2013

Spooncarvers corner. Haytor. Dartmoor.

Last Tuesday I took my first class of novice spoon carvers at 
'Spoon carving Corner'
situated on our new site at the foot of Haytor, Dartmoor, Devon.

I was joined by Iain, Domonic and Aaron.
We enjoyed a starter day using Axe, Knife and hook.

We shared three types of Axe.
The H.Roselli.
The G.Bruk carver.
The MacNic Axe.
It's always interesting to get others feedback.

spoon carving

We had good weather, not too hot.
Not too cold.

I had enough MaChris and MiniMac knives to satisfy my students needs.
And the pie based lunch went down well.

All in all we had a super day.
I'll post more information and about these courses and how to book in the next few months.

spoon carving


Monday 29 July 2013

Boons Hirschey, Boons bark Rustix and Boons ADK Rustic furniture.

On the 23 may I was contacted by a chap called Boons Hirschey.

Real name :- Darin L Hirschey.

Boons Æ Adk

He is a furniture maker up in New York State.
His business is called 
'Once Upon A Tree'
'Boons Bark Rustix'
'Moose River Rustic Log Furniture'
209, Erwin Street.
Boonville, NY.


He wanted to purchase one of my kuksa.
I sent him a picture of a couple that were available.
He chose the one on the left.

I posted the parcel containing the Ale Hen Kuksa on the eighth June.

Boons received the parcel on or about the eighteenth.
Since then I have been in touch with Boons via FaceBook private messaging.
I've asked for payment.
I've asked for the return of my goods.
I can no longer contact Boons.
He seems to have forgotten to pay.
I wonder,
if any one knows Boons, 
could you do me a favour and ask him to get in touch...
My email...

Boons Hirschey.
Once Upon A Tree.

Time passes
Well, it's now October 2013.
Its been a busy time.
I have had a result though.
Darin.L.Herschey has returned my Ale hen.
She's a bit battered and brused.
And for some inexplicable reason my makers mark has been removed.
It's been chiselled away by an unskilled hand.

Perhaps the postman ?
Naaa ! Don't think so.
I know him and he's a good chap.

Perhaps someone who wanted to sell my work as their own ?

Surely not.
Well I mean, you wouldn't..... Would you ?

Anyway, for me the matter is closed.
I have a new home and a new place to sit and carve.

Thanks for all the help I received from folk in the U.S.A.

Jon Mac.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Martijn Top. Helve and spoon.

Martijn had been planning to visit for a while now.
He came to stay with us last summer. The weather wasn't too good back then, cold and raining.
This year he lucked in, blue sky, we were basking in 28 degrees of sunshine.

Martijn soon settled into the hectic pace of Devonshire life....

As you may know, he is an accomplished carver and uses MaChris knives for some of his work.

He bought some of this years work.
I especially liked his new noggin.

He had a good read of the Outdoor Adventure Manual.

Then set to work putting a new helve on an Axe head that Nic Westermann had made for him.

Martijn bought with him a couple of helves made by Gransfors Bruk

He picked a straight helve, I believe it is the helve that is attached to the Bruck Carpenter Axe.

He fettled the end of the helve to allow fitting of the new head.
And carved a new wedge.

He eyes it up to ensure a good fit.

And taps it home with my old ball-pein hammer.

Saw off the excess and job done.

A happy man.

Now he has a working axe. 
And a spoon design rattling around his head.

The helve seems to be working well.
When he had finished the spoon, he asked if I had a six mill drill bit with which he could make a hole for some cord.
I pulled my beard and went for a rummage.
No drill bit made itself apparent.
But I did however find a nail, pliers, lighter and a hot gas pen.

Martijn looked bemused at first.
But I showed him how to get the gas pen working.
He heated up the nail till it was red.

And pushed it through the handle.

There you go, a perfect hole...

He looks happy with his work.

The finished spoon....

And a well deserved glass...

We had a few more adventures during his stay.
And we also carved a few more spoons, I'll write all about it in a short while...

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