Monday 21 April 2014

The Woodcarvers Gazette.

Sarah and I have had some time to ourselves here on Dartmoor.
We've had some super weather, a welcome change after the constant wind and rain of the previous three months.

Gull cottage+Boscastle+jon mac photography

We've taken time out to visit some of our favourite places both here in Devon and further west into Cornwall.

jon mac photography

Just before our break I was contacted by Jason Townsend, editor of 
Jason was interested in interviewing me and finding out a little more about my carving and the ongoing MaChris/MiniMac carving and bushcraft knife project I am involved in with 

Woodcarvers gazette+Kuksa

Inside this spring issue you'll find a five page spread highlighting our work.
It was a pleasure to work with Jason and he did a wonderful job putting it all together.
And a big thank you to Chris Grant.
We're working on another project at the moment.
I'll have a working prototype very soon.
I'll keep you informed.



Carving a Dragon Kuksa.

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