Sunday 16 December 2012

MacEndy Ranger Beads.

This afternoon I supplied my good friend Kevin Endicott with
the latest batch of MacEndy Ranger Beads.

 As you can tell, he's one happy chap...

These beads are a useful 'Aid Memoir' for all you navigators out on the hill.
A length of paracord with ten beads one end and four beads the other.
When walking on a bearing you will be counting your paces so as to determine distance travelled
along the bearing.
I will count 58/64 double paces for each 100 meters, approx.
You will need to find out what you own ratio is, I am very tall with long legs.
At 100 meters, move a bead.
At 200 meters, move a bead.
And so on until you reach a point when all ten beads are moved.
Time to move one of the upper four.
A great addition to your navigation kit.

I used to use this system when navigating at night or in bad weather with the Search and Rescue Team.

The MacEndy Ranger beads can be bought online from Kevin Endicott at

Or call him on

01392 433331

The price ?





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