Monday 15 December 2014

A message from Chris Grant/MaChris Design.

A message from Chris Grant.

Just a wee note for the purpose of clarity…
On ‘MaChris’ and ‘MiniMac’ sheaths; As standard, the belt loops are fixed with a screw rivet called a ‘Chicago Screw’ the threads are fixed with superglue and won’t come loose. A ‘D-ring’ is also fitted as standard, many folks find it handy…
I choose to fix it his way, because it is very strong, neat, time efficient and can be removed and replaced easily, if ever desired (ie you decide to remove the ‘D-ring’, or to modify it another way).
MaChris Special Edition, Double Set:
'MaChris Bushcraft Carver' & 'MiniMac'
52100 ball bearing steel blades with stabilized ‘poisoned’ Yew handles.
Design by Jon Mac © 2014

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