Tuesday 29 December 2009

Carving a Kuksa

spoon carvingJon has had a great deal of interest in his beautiful hand carved Kuksas.

Many people are fascinated to see how he carves them and to learn that it takes two days to carve one.

spoon carving kuksa
So, picture yourself in our conservatory, with Jon being visited every now and then by our chickens!

spoon carving bushcraft skillsFirst of all he selects the piece of wood he wants to use. This is some Silver Birch which is his favourite wood to use for a Kuksa.

hand carved spoons devonThen he carefully centres up the wood and splits it. He wants to use the natural lines and markings in the wood to create each unique Kuksa.

spoon carving craftHaving drawn a circle in pencil he then starts removing the waste wood.

spoon carving kuksa He keeps the shape he wants in mind as he carefully keeps on removing the waste wood.

spoon carving first steps
All the while he checks the shape he is carving.

spoon carving first stepsHe keeps on carefully removing the waste wood...

using a knife and axe to carve a spoon.. all the time improving the shape...

spoon carving first steps... until after some hours of careful work...

how to carve a kuksa... he is ready to begin to hollow out the bowl of the Kuksa.

Using his hook knife he starts at the outside edge and works towards the centre across the grain.

how to carve a kuksaHe carefully works to hollow out the bowl of the Kuksa.

spoon carving first stepsUntil it nears completion.
This Kuksa needed a flat base.
Jon uses an old knife to scrape the wood smooth.

spoon carving devonFinally Jon finishes it with Walnut oil, which brings out all the details of the grain, and breathes even more life into the Kuksa.

Then it is ready to be used and enjoyed.

Sunday 1 November 2009


spoon carving
Jon will teach you the basic principles of wood carving and give you time to practise your new skills. You will be shown how to safely use a knife to shape wood. You will be able to use a straight and hooked blade.

Jon will also teach you how to use an axe to cut out waste wood and you will have the opportunity to use two different types of axe so that you begin to understand the differences between axe types and their relative uses.

spoon carving
Most importantly Jon will show you how to sharpen and maintain a knife and axe blade. You will be able to practise this key skill many times during the course!

green wood spoon carving

Carving a Dragon Kuksa.

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