Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spoon carving with Sean Hellman.

My friend Sean Hellman paid a visit yesterday.
Sean is the man behind Woodwright Designs.
He is a craftsman with a wide repertoire from spoons and fan birds up to big sculptural pieces.
Well I couldn't help but put a new axe, made by Nic Westermann into his hot hairy hand as we talked about future plans and drank good coffee.

spoon carving

Sean and I had a great time.
He carved out a couple of spoons while I got to grips with hollowing out a kuksa.

spoon carving (Sean Hellman Woodwright Designes)

Go and read what he gets up to at...

spoon carving

I think he liked it.... J;-)
Place your order with Nic at...

Hand carved Birch Dragon Kuksa.

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