Tuesday 11 December 2012

Spoon carving hook knifes.

My preferred hook knife is available from my good friend and edge tool supplier 

This spoon knife has a long compound curve to enable you to smooth out the bowl of a spoon, it is capable of larger cuts but perhaps suited to the more experienced user if it is going to be used for the entire hollowing process. When mastered however you are unlikely to ever want to use sandpaper again. Although a great finish is possible with one of these blades having a matching left and right handed pair will allow full use of the compound curve to allow you to really hunt down the last remaining facets in the bowl of a spoon.  
 Available in left and right handed, left handed version pictured. All of these blades are supplied unhandled, the tang can be easily glued into a handle with epxoy resin . Made from bearing steel heat treated to give a hard durable cutting edge and a tough spine. These blades are now forged to give a hollowed cross section on the inside face as can be seen on my Twca cams, this allows easier sharpening. The Bevel ( cutting face) is now convexed on the back edge to allow tighter radius cuts with less chatter, new pictures will follow soon, hand honed and stropped for a perfectly smooth, polished cut.
N.B.   I have renamed this blade as Jon Mac has been so taken with this blade he has added it to his select collection of tools (which will include the soon to go into production MacNic axe.)  It made sense to have coherent naming with the added bonus that customers were often confusing this blade with the Fawcett blade that I also produce.  

spoon carving hook knife

I am very taken with this wonderfully useful hook.
For me it is three knives in one.
  1. A beautiful hook that removes heavy waste wood quite simply and without fuss.
  2. A hook that is precise and produces fine slithers when finishing.
  3. And a straight blade knife for carving the transition between handle and bowl.
This hook is made with 52100 bearing steel.
The same steel used in my MaChris and MiniMac knives.
Due to Nic W's unique compound curve this knife will turn out of the cut without any fuss, leaving a beautifully curved, smooth piece of carving.
I call it Nicatronics !

spoon carving hook knife

I use this hook exclusively for my Kuksa and spoon carving.

spoon carving hook knife

This hook retails for £35.00 approx.
Its the best 35 pounds you'll ever spend.
It is supplied without a handle, which should pose no problems as you can find a tutorial here...

spoon carving hook knife


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