Thursday 7 August 2014

Wilderness Gathering 2014

The sun is shining, down here in the West country.
I'm presently busy preparing my camping and carving equipment for the up-coming 


A big bushcraft event held up in Wiltshire on 
Bush Farm Bison Centre.
West Knoyle.
I'll be taking my carving gear and demonstrating some simple spoon carving techniques to all the visitors to the show.

I have received a few bits and pieces in the post recently.
My good friend and supporter Matthew Platt of 
 purveyor of top quality wood working tools, has sent a parcel containing a new set of Bear Waterstones along with a Nagura stone, some Chromium oxide paste and g/p workshop leather.

Everything a person needs to put a good edge on your preferred edge tool.

Japanese-water-stones+Japanese water stones+workshopheaven

I will be demonstrating good use of these stones and strop at the Gathering.

Japanese-nagura-stone+knife sharpening+workshop-heaven+workshopheaven

My friend and associate Chris Grant has been busy on a new MaChris bushcraft knife type which I will show at the Gathering before writing it up here on SCFS.

But here's a small taster....

Jon Mac+bushcraft knife

I will be giving it a test over the next few days.
But I found time to take it into the Dart Gorge for a pick nick with Sarah a few days ago.
I think you're going to like this new type.
We'll add it to the line up of MaChris knives already available once I have given it a full apraisal.


What with all this talk of sharpening and carving gear, I would feel remiss if I didn't mention Kevin Endicott.
He'll be at the show with a huge tent crammed with everything you need to spend time in the countryside.
has been a great support to me for many, many years.
Kevin's father used to supply bits of useful kit when I was with the Mountain Rescue.
Here's a tit-bit from Kevin's Wilderness Gathering up-date......

WE'RE very pleased to announce that ENDICOTTS Army Surplus will again be showing their wares at this year's  WILDERNESS GATHERING
When? Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th August 2014
Where? Bush Farm Bison Centre. West Knoyle. Wilts. BA12 6AE
We've just started prepping our goodies with boxes and boxes of yummy stuff!
Really looking forward to catching up with friends and customers!  JON MAC  will be showing us his Carving skills and I'm sure a certain MR BUDD  and our good friend C-T-C will be around too!
We'll have all the usual ENDY-madness (games/comps/give-a-ways etc.) with tons and tons of kit for you to peruse and purchase.   
Customers are welcome (and encouraged) to pre-book any specific requirements, particularly Clothing items requiring specific sizes or Grades etc.
All pre-booked stock will receive a free ENDY goody-bag!
Plus, if you need any Fixtures/Fittings/Zips etc. do drop  MISTER E  a line with your needs, quoting WG12.

Here are a few appetisers to whet your ENDY-appetite;
WOOL BLANKETS  from £4  
SWEDISH SMOCKS  from just a Tenner
SLEEP MATS  from £3
RUCKSACKS  Brit Infantry/'90 Patt. from £25 with free  SIDE POUCHES  (by pre-booking only)
RUCKSACKS  Dutch C-Sting from £25 with free  SIDE POUCHES  (by pre-booking only)
OTHER ARMS RUCKS   from just a Tenner with  SIDE POUCHES  @ only £1.00 each!!  (by pre-booking only)
PARA IPK CORD  WG12 Special.........just £0.50 per 16m hank!! 100 units only, so first come, first served!!
CUPS!  We'll only have room for 100 units! Just £0.10 each! Plus, WG12 Special B.O.G.O.F!
COMBO DEAL  20 available, so pre book to guarantee, plus claim your free 'pre-booking' gift!

If that doesn't get your collective juices flowing....
I'm not sure what will.

Whilst writing this I recieved another parcel from Matthew at 
Some business cards and a handsome looking Japanese folding
Rip, cross & slant fast cut pull saw.
I'm looking forward to next week.
Lots of new things to try and lots of friends old and new to catch up with.

See you soon....


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