Monday 28 January 2013

A Re-Helve

Just before New Year I decided I needed to straighten up the helve on my Axe.

spoon carving +spoon+carving+spoon carving MacNic Axe

The first incarnation was a lovely curved affair.
But I wanted to change it for a straight helve, much like my H.Roselli Axe.
With a straight helve, the cutting edge is presented to the work at the same attitude no matter where your hand is on the helve. 
I like this idea.

There is a full helve replacement tutorial here on my blog.

It is important to recess the helve to allow for a curved cheek.

You can make a nice accurate recess if you mark out with a compass or something similar.

The Poll needs seating as well.

Once a good tight fit is achieved it's time to saw a slot for a peg.

I chose a piece of Mahogany from the 'Cutty Sark' tea clipper.

Making sure it will be a good tight fit
When confident the peg is at the right dimension...
Hammer or press it home.
Then remove the excess.

A good fit !

It looks great.
 And now it feels part of me when I rough out spoon blanks.
I'm very happy indeed.

spoon carving +spoon+carving+spoon carving MacNic Axe

spoon carving +spoon+carving+spoon carving MacNic Axe

spoon carving +spoon+carving+spoon carving MacNic Axe

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