Saturday 16 February 2013


Spoon carving edge tools need to be sharp.
To be quite honest I am relatively new to using this type of stropping system.
I have always used a bit of end grain to sort out my foil edge after sharpening, or perhaps a leather belt with a para-cord loop at each end held taut between foot and left hand.
Sean Hellman introduced me to stropping compound and leather/linen backed boards back in the summer.
At first I was sceptical, but I wouldn't be without it now for studio use.

Sean is currently making these paddle strops at his workshop.
There are three different stropping surfaces to chooses from.
Sean includes a good lump of compound with the stropping set.
Simply run the compound block up and down the side you wish to use.
It's much like a crayon.

You need to sharpen your knife using your water stone, as normal.
Sharpen to as good a standard as you can manage.
Then simply run the blade, bevel as flat as possible, up the strop.
With the spine of the knife leading the way.
You don't need a lot of pressure, a light touch will get the job done...

Reverse the blade and come back down the strop with the spine leading the way...

Paddle strops £23.50  postage included UK only. 
Outside UK add on £3 for postage.

Sean Hellman Woodwright Designes

Sean Hellman Woodwright Designes

Sean Hellman Woodwright Designes

Sean makes these strops from wood turned on the pole lathe. 
There are three stropping sides, each covered with a different material , veg tan leather, suede  and cotton canvas. 
These are used in conjunction with a polishing compound.
The suede leather side has a bit more give in it and is great for axes and gouges.
You can purchase this strop including 150 grams of polishing compound for £28 postage included, UK only.
Outside UK add on £3 for postage

Sean Hellman Woodwright Designes

If you want a complete set that you can use on your hooks as well, then why not consider the
  Strop and slip set.
£32 plus £4.50 UK postage.
Outside UK £6 postage.
The complete stropping solutionConsists of :-

 4 sided strop, with leather, suede , bare wood and canvas.
A round leather strop for hook tools.
      Pink polishing compound for the strops, about 150 grams.
 4 flat and 4 round slips for hook tools. 1 of each 150, 320, 600, and 1000 grit silicon carbide paper.
Stropping leaflet, how to use and maintain the strop and slip set

All this for only £32 plus £4.50 UK postage. Outside UK £6 postage.

Sean Hellman Woodwright Designes

To order any of these items you can contact Sean Hellman at...

Happy stropping.

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