Spoon carving.

Spoon carving with Jon Mac.
Carve spoons from green wood with your bushcraft edge tools. The knife, Axe and hook knife.
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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Spoon Carving First Steps Coffee Spoon

I spent yesterday sat under the Golden Ash making this spoon for a friend of mine in Scotland. I will trade it for some hand spun and naturally dyed wool. Sarah, my partner, is an avid knitter, and will thoroughly enjoy knitting with such special wool. This spoon is carved, from Birch, to fit into a coffee jar. It is under five inches long and has been made to hold precisely seven grams of good coffee... 

spoon carving

I fitted the spoon with a leather thong finished with a splendid little knot  that an old friend of mine taught me some years ago...

spoon carving

I hope she likes her new spoon...

spoon carving