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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Unbranded 12C27 Fulltang Neck/Utility Knife Blade...

 My friend Matthew from Workshop Heaven sent me a knife blade recently. It is a very slim blade, about 1mm, and approximately 7.5cm useful cutting edge , made from some splendid 12C27 steel, the same steel used in my favourite French Laguiolle eating knives...

This knife from Matthew is super slim and super sharp. It comes as a broad tang knife. The tang could be wrapped in leather or rubber to give it a usable handle if you wanted a quick handle solution. I sent my blade and a handle I had modelled on the Roselli carpenter knife, up to Chris, who ground down the tang and fitted the handle.

The result...

A very pleasing and usable carver...

 Nice and narrow for those tricky hollowing and chip carving jobs...

I've been using this blade for a while now and can recommend it as a nice little lightweight carver...

I'm going to pop it in the post to my great friend Ralph and let him use it for a while...



  1. Looks like it would also make a good skinning knife for small game, if you have any hunting friends.

  2. Hi hi George. If I ever manage to wrestle it away from Ralph, I'll send it to Sean http://www.silverfoxbushcraft.co.uk/ ...All the best...J

  3. Hello Jon,
    I might be a tad mad but to me there is a beauty and balance within that knife.

  4. Hey John. I've given Ralph a call and he is expecting to receive it in the post soon. He is a master spooner and will give it a good going over. I will ask him for a write-up in return. Great to hear from you...J

  5. For me it is a strange gift from a friend... a blade is not quite a thing for when it comes to giving gift. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts right (lol). Seriously that blade came out so well with that handle. Use it well buddy.

  6. I have sent the blade up country to Ralph Hentall, a master spoonmaker. He fell in love with it when he came to visit a while back. I'm sure it is giving great service. All the best Dean...J

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