Views around my patch.

Shap Tor.
This is a set of photographs taken by yours truly in and around the local countryside here in sleepy Devon.

Stunted Pendunculate oak.
Shap Tor.
Blue Bells.
View toward Dartmoor.

Local style.
Finger board pointing the way.

Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus.
Beech leaf Noyoux.

Friends arrive, friends depart.


Thatched roof.


View across the valley from home.

Young Robin.
Sparrows bathing.

Male Blackbird feeds his young.

Female blackbird bathing.

Adult male Blackbird feeding fledgeling.


Haytor Dartmoor.


Wood pigeon.

Mal blackbird with fledgeling.

Male Blackbird with fledgeling.

Starling fledglings.

Starling fledgelings.

Haytor Dartmoor Devon.

Fire pit at my new venue.


Great spotted woodpecker (juvinile)

Great spotted woodpecker (mother and juvinile)

Shap Tor.

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