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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Spoon carving first steps reaches 500000.

Thank you all so much for visiting and interacting with this blog at
Spoon carving first steps.

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When I started this endeavour, sharing my progress of carving wood with basic tools, I never for one moment thought it would become so popular.
I'd like to thank you all for visiting and I hope the information you found within has helped a little in your own artistic expressions.


Jon Mac.


  1. Thank you! Thank you for your generosity and taking the time to share your talent with us. I have been enjoying your site/post for quite a while now and it has been both inspiring and helpful. I've learned a lot from it.
    SO... Thank you!

    1. Hi Cheryl.
      Thank you so much for your support.
      I'm enjoying the journey and I hope you are enjoying your own venture and experiences. Best of luck... J

  2. It is a great skill that you have and I am always fascinated by wood carvers and sculptors because my brain doesn't work that way.
    Many congratulations on getting your half million views !

    1. Thank you HV.
      I know what you mean, I've been scratching out tool designs that are heading out to a factory for manufacture. I have to think of every angle to make the transition from drawing to end product.... We'll get there eventually.
      Best of luck and thank you once more... J

  3. Half a million.....now your just showing off :-)
    thoroughly deserved Jon my good man

    1. Thank you John.
      Always a pleasure hearing from you.
      Here's to the next half million... J

  4. Well done, fantastic achievment

    1. Thank you Dawn...
      Your support is very much appreciated... J