Sunday 28 November 2010

Jon's pockets...

I recently had a Birthday.
Sarah and I managed to stretch the festivities over quite a few days, she enjoys other peoples Birthdays as much as her own. For a treat she took me up to Exeter to see my old friend Kevin Endicott. He is the proud owner of a fine emporium selling all sorts of things for the great outdoors. He was very pleased to see us and immediately set to with the kettle for a round of Tea. I have, over the years, bought all sorts of equipment from Kevin, and his father before him. This visit was to prove no different, as during our catch up chat he filled my hands with a rather splendid jacket.
When we got home Sarah immediately confiscated the jacket for wrapping...Ho Hum...
Well eventually the big day arrived and I have been able to take my new coat for a good few walks.


I have owned quite a few raincoats over the years, but none made so well as this one. It's made by a company called Arktis.
It's a breathable jacket, waterproof and has a multitude of pockets.


And the price is right...


Four lower pockets...
Two in the usual place at the front and a further two set behind them...


Chest pockets outer and inner...

We took these pictures when we went for a walk around the local forest. The weather was freezing, and my beard would freeze and thaw as we went along...


Sarah all wrapped up...


And here's the reason why...


A very deep frost...


Extruded ice...


Whilst we were walking through the forest we thought it would be interesting to show the things I might pop in my pockets when out and about...


I had with me a Platypus drinks bladder. A waterproof bag full of dried fruit and some home made cake, thanks to Sarah. I always carry a large wound dressing and a Shemagh. I can use the Shemagh as a warm hat, bandage, sling, fibre in which to introduce a spark for fire lighting and any other use you can think of.
I also carry a knife and a pyrophoric flint.
The knife shown here is a MaChris Bushcrafter.
A full tang knife designed for all your Bushcraft needs...
This particular knife is a prototype made from CS80. I have been giving it a thorough testing for some months now. Everything from cook prep,  batoning  for fire wood and carving...
I even gave it to a master butcher for a good coat of going over...

bushcraft knife

bushcraf knife

And it's Splendid...

Our walk today took us round an area well defined, with good tracks and known to both of us. If I were to photograph my pockets on a walk on the Moor, then you would find all sorts of extras, including map, compass, whistle and torch.
Perhaps soon I will show a kit more suited to rugged terrain...

jon mac spoon carver



  1. It is really spelndid Jon.Beautiful scenes with snow all around,it is really very very absorbing to walk about and to watch as well..

  2. Thank you Altaf.
    Sarah and I had a great time....And now for supper...All the best my friend...J

  3. Excellent post Jon,
    The jacket looks more than fit for purpose and it's interesting to see what fills another's pockets. Glad to see that we're not the only ones getting our faces pinched by Mr. Frost on the trails.

  4. Wrap up well Murphyfish...All the best...J

  5. You mention and show "extruded ice;" I used to see this all the time when working or hunting in the woods in cold weather. Have you ever heard if it's got any "official" sort of name? I always assumed it was formed by water vapor wafting from the soil.

  6. Hi Gorges. I think the extruded ice is formed when water is pushed under pressure from the ground. It grows rather like grass, from the ground up...I don't know any formal name for it, perhaps someone here can answer that question for us? All the best my friend...J

  7. Lovely photos Jon! Its interesting what people carry in their winter jacket pockets. I carry a rag a knife and a lead. Its not really intentional though... its just what always ends up in my pockets.

    I can see you will be nice and toasty on your walks. Stay warm.
    All the Best,

  8. Thank you Leigh. I must confess that I used to carry a whole lot more, a hang up from my days in the Mountain Rescue. Now I can enjoy my time out and about feeling a little lighter. All the best...Jon Mac

  9. A belated Happy Birthday, Jon. You're all set now with that new coat of yours. Luv your photos of the frost and ice. Thanks for sharing.

  10. nice camo pattern on your jacket,almost like flecktarn.thanks m8

  11. Thank you for the Birthday wishes Leslie. Wrap up warm....J

  12. Hi hi Grimbo. Just remembered you left me a message. I will get back to you soon...ATB...J

  13. Brilliant article and some fabulous photos Jon!
    Thanks for sharing the contents of your coat pockets!!!


  14. My pleasure Pete...All the best...J


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