Saturday, 1 January 2011

Knife Sharpening With Jon Mac Part 1 and 2

Sean Mulhall has just uploaded two short films titled...

Have a look and let me see your comments...
Happy New Year !


  1. Hi Jon! I can't thank you and Sean enough for these wonderful videos! I purchased a water stone two years ago and, "FINALLY"...someone who uses one and knows what he's doing!!! Yippee! I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the video while sharing such a wealth of valuable information. Sean asked "nearly" every question I had. LOL! Brilliant turtorial and videography! Bless your hearts! :D

  2. Our pleasure Leslie...Glad to have added a piece to the jigsaw...All the best and a Happy new year...J

  3. Thanks Shawn...I hope they help...J

  4. Hi jon love your videos, just wanted to know your opinion on using a Nagura Stone... I have noticed most japanese whetstones in the 6000-8000 range come with one... thanks for your videos and blog, really good stuff...
    Greetings From France


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