Monday 4 April 2011

Grimspound with Jon and Sean...

My friend Sean from Silver Fox Bushcraft came and stayed with us a week or so ago.
He made a few films whilst he was here. 
Here is one of us visiting Grimspound on Dartmoor ...



  1. I love studying these 'finds'. I get a yahoo group email once in a while where someone records all the latest discoveries and ongoing archaeology finds in the UK and other places around the world. It is amazing what is still being unearthed and I like how the UK makes sure to study the finds as appropriately as they can despite modern developments and road systems being built there atop many of them.
    This also reminds me of some summer days in Iceland when I was stationed at the old Nato Base in the 1980's. Some areas of SW Iceland look alot like this, and the wind... ever present.

  2. Sean and I are planning some more trips up onto Dartmoor. I have quite a few visually interesting sites in mind...As ever, thanks for your support...All the best...J


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