Saturday 5 May 2012

Eagle Kuksa...

Well, it was back to the chopping block last week.
Folk from near and far have ordered treen.
I was asked to make a Kuksa that is slightly different to my normal fair.
And I think it worked out fine.

Kuksa Jon Mac spoon carving first steps

He is carved from a piece of Sycamore gifted to me a few weeks ago.

Kuksa Jon Mac spoon carving first steps

And finished with a little Liberon Tung oil.

kuksa spoon carving first steps

The bowl is knife finished inside and out.
Whilst the head is sanded.
I have weaned myself away from abrasives on the whole, but sometimes a good smooth finish is desirable.
I keep a stash of Abranet in the draw for just these occasions.
I have also made a spoon for my good friend Magali, who is a superbly talented maker of the traditional French Laguiole knives.

spoon carving spoon carving first steps

Again, the bowl is knife finished and the handle has been sanded.

spoon carving spoon carving first steps

Hopefully I'll be receiving a parcel from Scotland soon.
I'll let you know what it is when it arrives.
Until then....


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