Wednesday 22 August 2012

Can you help find Dave Budd's stolen knife ?

I spent some time with some great friends at the Wilderness Gathering last weekend.
When I have some time I will post some photos and information.
In the mean time I wonder if you can help out a bladesmith friend of mine who had a knife stolen from his stall.
Here is Dave Budd's description of the stolen knife.....

''Sad to report the theft of one of my handmade knives whilst at the Wilderness Gathering last weekend. If you should come across it, please call the police and or try and get it back to me! Really this posting is just a warning to any thieve
s that the bushcraft community is that and we look out for each other!

The knife has no sheath (I've got that bit), 6" long forged finished blade with filework down the back, Oak handle with copper and leather furniture.''

I thank you in advance for your help in this matter....
Jon Mac


  1. Shared in fb. Hope we can find the ^%$&%^who did this.

  2. I some cultures is is very bad luck to even give away a knife. while it won't get the knife back I am sure that bad luck will follow the thief.


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