Monday 1 July 2013

Sean's shrink pots.

Pronounced dyatel.
My woodpecker friends.

great spotted woodpecker
Great spotted woodpecker  (juvenile and mother) 

It's great having supportive friends within this community of carvers, bush crafters and photographers.
I recently bought a 3/4 DSLR camera. 
I've received all manor of help and support from friends giving top tips on how to get the best from it.
I must admit, I haven't picked up a knife for a while now as I've had my nose in tutorials photographic and pointing my new glass at whatever comes my way.
I'm having great fun.
My friend Sean Hellman of Woodwright Designs visited our home the other day.
Sean writes a blog at
It comes highly recommended, and not just by me.

Sean Hellman

He bought with him some of his latest work. 
As you can see, he's rather good.
He has recently written a piece covering the topic of Water in wood-Drying wood.
Which is just as well as one of the pieces he showed me was a shrink pot.

Sean hellman shrink pot

Sean has taken to making his own natural paints.
I'm quite chuffed because this particular pot has been decorated with some  Micaceous Haematite that Sean gathered at a mine a short walk from my home.

Sean Hellman Shrink pot

It glitters !
He painted the internal part of this Bear Bowl.
Such a rich colour.

Sean Hellman

Some serious photography took place !!!

We were having a chat about Adze and their uses later in the day.

Sean has fallen for my old and wonderful H.Roselli axe.

I own a couple of Adze, however, I don't use them on my Kuksa as I tend to stick with my three tool rule. Axe, Knife and hook.
Sean has also written a piece about a modified axe a friend of his uses along with a well deserved warning about a certain blue Adze.

Sean and I are hoping to put something together that may interest carvers and bush crafters in the near future.
We'll keep you posted.
Thanks for coming by...

Great spotted woodpecker juvenile
Great spotted woodpecker ( juvenile) 

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