Monday 21 April 2014

The Woodcarvers Gazette.

Sarah and I have had some time to ourselves here on Dartmoor.
We've had some super weather, a welcome change after the constant wind and rain of the previous three months.

Gull cottage+Boscastle+jon mac photography

We've taken time out to visit some of our favourite places both here in Devon and further west into Cornwall.

jon mac photography

Just before our break I was contacted by Jason Townsend, editor of 
Jason was interested in interviewing me and finding out a little more about my carving and the ongoing MaChris/MiniMac carving and bushcraft knife project I am involved in with 

Woodcarvers gazette+Kuksa

Inside this spring issue you'll find a five page spread highlighting our work.
It was a pleasure to work with Jason and he did a wonderful job putting it all together.
And a big thank you to Chris Grant.
We're working on another project at the moment.
I'll have a working prototype very soon.
I'll keep you informed.




  1. Congratulations Jon Mac ... super work on the part of all involved.

    1. Thanks from us all Joan. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated... J


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