Saturday 25 April 2015

German mountain pack Gen 2

When I saw this old style cotton canvas ruck sack I was taken back in time, quite a way back in fact.
I bought something very similar to this when I first started out on my hillwalking adventures.
It would get filled, usually overfilled, with things to sleep in and under.
Something to cook on and something to cook.
Whatever didn't fit in it was tied to it.


Load Carry N12 M Pack Gen2 +backpack+endicotts+armysurplus+rucksack
My old mate Kevin Endicott turned up at the farm last week with a boot full of equipment for me to photograph.
Most of the equipment I photographed has now been sold on.
However, Kevin still has a bundle or two of these useful packs from back when.

Kevin Endicott also has a more modern nylon variant.

Have a look at his web site at

A super ruck for the outdoor enthusiast.

Load Carry+backpack+endicotts+armysurplus+rucksack
Load Carry+backpack+endicotts+armysurplus+rucksack
Load Carry+backpack+rucksack
ENDY Stats: 
Capacity: Approx 35Lts. Gross. 
Height; 16" / 40cm 
Width; 14" / 36cm - max.
Depth; 6" /  15cm approx.
Material: Canvas. Cotton. Bound seams
Weight: 2lb 6oz / 1,075gms - typically


  1. Cool pack indeed. The number inside on the label ID it as a NATO number, 12 is the country of origin, Germany. It is an older German Army rucksack

    1. That's right Robert, a German Mountain Pack. I had a 1st gen one back in the day. A triangular shape with leather and aluminium fittings.


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