Thursday 14 July 2016

Art exhibition. The Coffee Cellar. Exeter.

I've been pleasantly busy toing and froing between printers and art suppliers recently.
The house is covered in tape and card as I've been mounting my new prints into their new frames.
I've been asked to show my work at a Bohemian cafè in our nearest city, Exeter.
The Black Crow Art Exhibition will be held on the 22nd July 2016.
The exhibition opens at 18:00 hrs with an auction at 22:30.
There will be live music at the cafè and a £4.00 entry fee.
You'll find The Coffee Cellar at EX24AP for those with a fandangled satellite thing.




You can view more of my photographs at

I will take one of my ale hens along to the show, but I need a plinth of some sort.
I nipped into the wood shed and found something suitable to use.
I wanted something neat yet rustic.
Out came the Shogun saw.
It's a big old Japanese folding saw with a fine clean cut.
Just the job for some smart work.

Shogun. folding-saw.bushcraft-saw

I tidied up a piece of apple wood harvested from the orchard last year.
I've made quite a few spoons from this stash and they all look super, the wood finishes well, quite shiny when knife finished.


Once I'd tidied the ends up I took a Leuku for a walk and cut three hazel wands for legs.
Now for some socket holes.
I had a chat a year or so ago with Matthew at Workshop Heaven about making up a pocket auger set for me.
I sent some drawings and after a short while Matthew put together a top class set for me to try.
Well, the set comprises of a small ratcheted chuck and some super Japanese auger bits.


Nice looking.


And not at all bulky.


The tommy bar is long enough to get some good leverage on the 3/4 inch auger bit.


And it's removable, which makes for a nice streamlined package.


This handy little set came with three bits and a tool roll.
The bits are 3/4 1/2 and 1/4 inch.
Handy for a spot of Birch/Maple tapping if you're so inclined or perhaps a bushcraft stool for camp.


It has an all up weight of 556 g.
About a pound in old money.
I'm not sure if Matthew has a stock of these, but if you emailed him I'm sure he would be only too pleased to put something together for you.

Matthew has just been in touch.
As of 15 July2016.

These Auger sets will be available in the next week or so.
He is able to supply a one inch Auger as well.
Contact Matthew at his business.
Workshop Heaven



So after a bit of drilling and axing this is what appeared.


It'll sit well in the exhibition.


Doesn't look too shabby in the home either.


I'm very much looking forward to showing my photography.
Perhaps I'll see you there.

All the best.


1 comment:

  1. An outstanding stand...!

    We should have the drill sets ready for sale in the next week or two, now including a 1 inch auger as well.

    I must have a go at an ale hen - it's such a lovely elegant shape.

    All the best,



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