Thursday 19 April 2018

A real time spoon carving movie.

I have finally, nearly, almost, come to grips with the movie settings on my trusty camera.
I thought it was about time I made a movie of a complete spoon carve.
This is not a film of close up detail but a film covering all of the motions one needs to carve an eccentric Jon Mac pocket spoon using my three trusty edge tools, Axe, knife and hook knife.
I was joined in the movie by one of my Red Robin helpers.
I do hope you find this movie useful.
All the best for now...


  1. Interesting, informative & entertaining too, thanks Jon. The holy trinity in action. And the star robin ;) Will you leave it showing your fine cuts, then oil? I almost always use walnut, but am no expert.

    1. I'm planning on making more movies showing slightly more detail during the summer. Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you found the movie usefull... J

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  2. Hey Jon! We've Just watched your movie.great for making our next spoons, after our first workshop with you !! We've learned so much from you in only 1day!! You're such a good and serious teacher. Now we're eating with our own made spoons!!!! Many thanks!!! Tom and Margreet from Holland.

    1. Hi Tom Hi Margreet. It was super having you stay with us last weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed carving your first spoon and I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed my teaching style. It took a while for me to reply due to new EU Data rules which have affected some of these social systems. All the best and keep in touch... J+S.


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