Wednesday 10 July 2019

KuksaCamp. A brief overview.

We've been busy here at Spoon Camp.
The sun has been shining and we've had a steady stream of wonderful students.
We will be striking camp the week after next when we'll be moving up to Scotland and the Scottish Crannog Centre.
I will be available for spoon carving courses at the Crannog on the 29th 30th 31st July 1st August and the 6th August. Contact the Crannog or email me at to secure your place. 

A one day spooncarving course will cost £80 per day.

See you there... J

Pete gets acquainted with Kuksa carving.

Sarah and I will be back in the Shire and available for courses around the 1st September.
Drop me a line at with your available dates and we'll make sure to adapt a course to your liking. 

Jon Mac demonstrates a spot of chip carving.

Rebornferal (Martin) carves at Spoon Camp.

Martin (rebornferal) starts his knife work.
A photograph Martin took of my working knives.
Top to bottom.
My MiniMac carver.
My Typhoon Bushcraft knife.
A utility/splitting knife.
My favourite camp knife and food prep knife, the Macro.
And finally, the Grandfather MaChris bushcraft/carver.

Jon Mac's carving and camp knives.

 This wee lightweight Axe made by James Wood was a pleasure to use.
Go visit his web site to find his stock line.

Jon Mac using a James Wood Axe.

Spoon/Kuksa Camp.

Lunch at KuksaCamp.

Jon Mac hollows out a Kuksa at KuksaCamp.

Martin chip carves his new Kuksa.

Nic Westermann detail knife.
Jon Mac's stock at Spoon Camp.
 Linda came all the way from New Zealand.
She's an accomplished beginner and thoroughly enjoyed her course. 
Linda and I stop for a brew.

Splitting with a froe.

Hollowing out a Kuksa with a hook knife.

I've gone and snapped my beetle.

Peter hard at it.
 Martin is a skilled Bushcrafter who goes by the monica ( rebornferel ) on Instagram.
What an enthusiastic young man !
Martin gets in close whilst finishing his Kuksa.
 Martin took a photograph of my very first Kuksa alongside my latest.
I think I'm making positive strides.

My first and latest Kuksa.
 Peter is a Forest School instructor and decided to spend longer with me than he originally planned.
We carved Kuksa and spoon, we also touched on the sharpening aspect of carving.
Jon Mac and Peter discuss Kuksa shapes.
 Our Tentipi and Canvas Camp shelter here in the Shire.
We try and make the orchard as welcoming as possible.
We can accommodate a small group of camping carvers here. We'll even lend you our older tipi.
 Mish and Derek.
What fun characters these two were.
We have two new friends .
Mish and Derek show off their newly carved spoons.

Mish and Derek with Jon Mac.

Martin hard at work.
Don't forget to email me if you wish to learn more about spoon and Kuksa carving.
Enjoy... J

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