Sunday, 14 August 2011

A slideshow of some recent work...


  1. Beautiful work I love the kuska on the apples it flows like gold :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Brian...That particular Kuksa was stained with coffee and then oiled...A beaut, now up in Scotland...J

  3. Jon
    I am a maker of wood and bamboo high performance bicycles and a passionate flintknapper here in Crescent City California. I find your work awe inspiring. Just beautiful. If you wish to see some bicycles in the make check them out at my friends facebook page her name is Gale Steelman. See what sustainable bicycles look like. Again, you are a wonderful inspiration,and thank you for keeping my creative juices flowing.

    Elizabeth Landon Carter


A Kuksa carving spring.

Tentipi and Dragon Kuksa. Spring has finally arrived here in the Shire, although the temperatures a still struggling to rea...