Wednesday 12 October 2011

Where spoon carving and chickens colide...

kuksa spoon carving spoon carving first steps

 Sarah is having one of those birthday things. I panic at this time of year because I still haven't managed to save enough to buy her a Roller. 
Instead I will cook her a splendid meal and present her with some smaller gifts.
A friend made a visit the other week, he came with a small chicken under his arm. 

spoon carving first steps

 He told me the chicken had been picked on by the White Sussex that make up the majority of the flock. This can happen sometimes and the only thing to do is remove the bullied chicken.
I agreed to take her in and spent the next day observing her as I worked on one of Sarah's presents. Her crop was full and fit to burst, but her droppings were peculiar as they consisted mainly of grass. I came to the conclusion that the other birds had kept her from the chicken feed and she was crop bound with grass. This is dangerous, if nothing is done she will starve.
I set about syringing Olive oil down her throat and massaging her crop in the hopes I could loosen things up. I fed her Honey water for her strength. 
Well, over the next two days she got weaker and weaker until I thought she would shed her mortal coil and go meet the choir invisible. I resorted to an old wives tale and gave her a tiny amount of Eau de vie....Kill or cure.
spoon carving first steps

 The morning arrived and she was up and about. We were so pleased.
Well, I set to feeding her baby food via a syringe, she seemed to like this as she would open her beak ready for the orange coloured mush.
After a lot of care she is now getting her strength back and follows me around the ground floor making chickeny noises.
After consulting one of our good friends who lives in the smoke up country, we decided to call her...
'Choti Bop Bop'
Choti is 'Urdu' for little, and the Bop Bop I added as that is her call...

spoon carving first steps

She is still quite weak but I'm sure she will make a good recovery.
She has been watching as I make a special present for my Sarah...

kuksa spoon carving spoon carving first steps

  I think she will love it...

kuksa spoon carving spoon carving first steps

I may not need to buy a Roller after all...

kuksa spoon carving spoon carving first steps

I guess the simple things are the most beautiful...



  1. I love my present! Sarah xxx

  2. I'm glad both chicks are doing well.

  3. Thanks for commenting Brian and Gorges...Sarah loves her new Hen and Choti is as full as a full thing sleeping...J;-)

  4. I can empathise with Choti the Full - I'm still full to bursting with my birthday cake and Gateau aux Marrons that Sarah made for me :-)


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