Friday 8 March 2013

Spoon carving from Ralph Hentall.

Some special spoons for sale from master spoon carver
Ralph Hental.
Olympic and Diamond Jubilee Spoon
Olympic and Diamond Jubilee Spoon - Price 40.  This wood was obtained from the Viewing Platform of the Olympic Off Road Mountain bike course at Hadleigh, Essex.

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)



 - Price £30. 
From his woodland workshop - Ralph Hentall, Traditional and historical Spoonmaker, has created from the Oak of Nelson's Flagship
'The Victory '
a "Sailors Fist Spoon".  

This style of spoon was used by sailors at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar.  Included with the spoon is a Certificate of Provenance

signed by the Lord of the Admiralty.

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)



- Price £20.  
This DVD shows four spoon carvers:  Adam King - delivers a master class on how to carve your own Celtic love spoons.
            Ralph Hentall, Britains foremost traditional and historical spoon carver demonstrates chain link and figure of eight work.                                
Stuart King shows you how to make an eating spoon from a freshly cut hazel log, using traditional green woodworking techniques.
         Ion Constantin from Romania - skillfully makes a traditional Romanian eating spoon in under 10 minutes.

Ralph Hental (Spoonmaker)

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  1. Can someone please help me get in contact with an old friend called Ralph Hentall JP I live permanently in Romania now and am an Englishman - I would like to introduce Ralph to a local man from Sebes who is also a spoon carver - - Many thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous.
      I can certainly pass on your enquiry. Ralph and I regularly exchange correspondence.... J.Mac.


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