Monday 29 July 2013

Boons Hirschey, Boons bark Rustix and Boons ADK Rustic furniture.

On the 23 may I was contacted by a chap called Boons Hirschey.

Real name :- Darin L Hirschey.

Boons Æ Adk

He is a furniture maker up in New York State.
His business is called 
'Once Upon A Tree'
'Boons Bark Rustix'
'Moose River Rustic Log Furniture'
209, Erwin Street.
Boonville, NY.


He wanted to purchase one of my kuksa.
I sent him a picture of a couple that were available.
He chose the one on the left.

I posted the parcel containing the Ale Hen Kuksa on the eighth June.

Boons received the parcel on or about the eighteenth.
Since then I have been in touch with Boons via FaceBook private messaging.
I've asked for payment.
I've asked for the return of my goods.
I can no longer contact Boons.
He seems to have forgotten to pay.
I wonder,
if any one knows Boons, 
could you do me a favour and ask him to get in touch...
My email...

Boons Hirschey.
Once Upon A Tree.

Time passes
Well, it's now October 2013.
Its been a busy time.
I have had a result though.
Darin.L.Herschey has returned my Ale hen.
She's a bit battered and brused.
And for some inexplicable reason my makers mark has been removed.
It's been chiselled away by an unskilled hand.

Perhaps the postman ?
Naaa ! Don't think so.
I know him and he's a good chap.

Perhaps someone who wanted to sell my work as their own ?

Surely not.
Well I mean, you wouldn't..... Would you ?

Anyway, for me the matter is closed.
I have a new home and a new place to sit and carve.

Thanks for all the help I received from folk in the U.S.A.

Jon Mac.


  1. This Man is a complete scam artist. He stole $500.00 deposit from me. This man has done nothing but string me along for months and made every excuse in the book on why the furniture has not been completed yet. It all started on May 2nd 2013. I found Boons Herschey on the internet and contacted him to make furniture for my 8yr old son. I went over the items that I wanted Boons Herschey to make from looking at his facebook page of the furniture he has completed in the past. Boons Herschey instructed me to make a deposit into an account of his choice and I did and sent him confirmation via txt with a picture of the deposit slip. He told me that the furniture would be completed in 3 -4 weeks. a month went by and he told me the furniture was ready to deliver and I gave him my address and set up a time that he would deliver it to my house. HE WAS A NO SHOW ... this was the start of all the lies he kept giving me excuse after excuse on why he couldn't make it and than he went ghost on me, he didn't pick up his phone, didn't answer txt msges and closed out his facebook account. Finally his brother answered the phone and said boon was out of town on work and he took over his business. this was the week of the 4th of July he told me that he couldn't make it to long island and asked If we could meet half way. I agreed and was supposed to meet him in bingimton NY to pick up the furniture. he was a no show and went ghost again on me. after tracking him down through your post finding his address and calling his mother he finally contacted me back on August 5th and apologized again and told me the furniture was not competed and would be ready in 4 days I told him I wasn't going to be back in the area until the week of the 16-19 and we could meet any day of his choice. we had correspondence up until the 16th and once again he went ghost on me. At this point I have contacted the Booneville police department and they put me in touch with the district attorney that would be handling the case. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS BEEN SCAMMED BY THIS MAN YOU CAN CONTACT ME DIRECTLEY and I will forward the district attorneys number Thanks Thomas Palmeri 516 660 3720

    1. Could you furnish me with an email address for the Police dept in Boonville. I have contacted the local council over there in the hope that they can send an address.
      I'm sorry to hear he has scammed you as well.
      I have been contacted by others in the same boat.
      Thanks for your comment.
      I'll post any update if and when.
      Jon Mac.

    2. Boons Bark Rustix has scammed me also. The story of Thomas Palmeri is eerily similar to my own. December 2013, found him in Craigslist, then went to Facebook. Tons of photos, facebook account seemed legit. Ordered $1000 worth of furniture, mailed a deposit check for $500 to a general delivery address in Old Forge post office (red flag since I didn't have physical address). Promised to deliver furniture in 3 weeks. At 3 weeks I call up, he's not done yet. Another week goes by, he says only bedframe is done, and I say, ok, cancel the rest, just the bedframe. He then said he couldn't deliver at all, so I say I want my deposit back, he agrees, promises to send it certified mail the next day. After numerous voicemail and text messages and facebook messages, and after numourous excuses of being out of the country, or away on business, finally spoke with his sister I think and she said she'd talk with him about it when he got back. Finally in Feb 2014, I did pin down a date to drop off some furniture to cover the deposit owed to me. He was a no-show. The week after, I did finally get a money order for $300 of the $500 owed. Sounds like I was very lucky - it seems there's at least 1 person in the family that tries to do the right thing, from my experience and stories here - at this point I think it was refunded to me without Boons even knowing about it because I doubt he would refund anything. It's May 2014, and after failing to contact him one last chance now, I found these reviews online while searching for a physical address. Overall, Boons Hirschey has given and failed numerous promises to send payment, doesn't answer phones, false promises to deliver. Just a scammer, plain and simple. This was encouraging to me to read. I'll contact Palmeri to ask about the district attorney handling the case.
      Johnathan Esper, Long Lake, NY,

    3. Same scenario here..I just messaged him yesterday via Facebook account Boons ADK ( apparently his latest business name) I included a copy of the order form .. Including the 300.00 deposit that was sent and his signature. I reminded him that we were still waiting for the deposit that he agreed to send back probably 3 years ago now. The message was read and I was then blocked to send any more messages or view his page. It gave me great satisfaction to know he felt the prick of the thorn in his side.. Me... So anyone need his current Facebook account its Boons ADK ... Granted you will be blocked but your message will be read.i talked to you Jon last year, I believe it was.the crazy thing about this is I talked to a woman who's page he was advertising in and was told she had people purchase items from him and been satisfied.strange.. Also , last year,found a photo that he stole from another company's site of a bathroom vanity .. He never said he made it but never said he didn't. He is mis-representing himself. I wonder if he actually makes anything.

  2. You can contact me via my email.

    Or via my Facebook page.
    Jon Mac Spooncarvingfirststeps.

  3. You are right he is a scam artist and a liar.
    We gave him a order in March 2013 and are still waiting for our items. he was paid in advance, down payment, 2nd payment as he needed money to buy materials, final payment as he needed money to pay IRS for sales tax.
    I finally contacted the New York State Police, Remsen Substation. The trooper had a talk with him and he assured that he would have a piece done for us every friday. that was good for 3 weeks then the lies started again. We are still waiting for four pieces.
    Its looks like we will have to have him arrested. We have documented everything for the police.
    You can contact me

  4. contact Oneida County District attorney's office am doing so myself

    1. Thanks for your information Anon.
      Please feel free to contact me.
      J Mac.

  5. I'm glad this story has come to a close. I had sent my words to him and told him that I don't live too far away. I don't know what made him change his mind but I'm amazed some stoop to this level to rip others off.

    Sorry to hear about the other scams from folks who commented here. The guy is a Grade A Jerk.

    Removing the makers mark, and not even bothering to try to hide it.. is just a blatantly trying to get personal. Glad the hen flew home, a good bandaid and a beer will fix her right up.

    Take care friend.

  6. Add me to the list. Put in a order and he said 10-14 days. contacted on day 14 and arranged pickup for the weekend. he never gave me an address. Contacted a few days later for pickup during the week and again nothing. More time went buy and arranged for pickup on sunday. No address was given. Wouldnt return my messages and removed me from his facebook page. I left a bad review on there and he has now resorted to calling me names on his public business page. Thankfully I did not have any deposits involved. Very unprofessional.

  7. Scammed us as well, he came and took 15 church pews that we were using to be turned into kitchen cabinets, plus took 1000 down payment from us


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