Thursday 1 August 2013

Spooncarvers corner. Haytor. Dartmoor.

Last Tuesday I took my first class of novice spoon carvers at 
'Spoon carving Corner'
situated on our new site at the foot of Haytor, Dartmoor, Devon.

I was joined by Iain, Domonic and Aaron.
We enjoyed a starter day using Axe, Knife and hook.

We shared three types of Axe.
The H.Roselli.
The G.Bruk carver.
The MacNic Axe.
It's always interesting to get others feedback.

spoon carving

We had good weather, not too hot.
Not too cold.

I had enough MaChris and MiniMac knives to satisfy my students needs.
And the pie based lunch went down well.

All in all we had a super day.
I'll post more information and about these courses and how to book in the next few months.

spoon carving


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